cine ma // Documentary // Experimental // Narrative

Trained in cinema direct by Ricky Leacock at M.I.T. and working as a Curator of artists film and video at White Columns, Anthology Film Archives, the Festival International du Films sur l'Art, a selection of Hollis Frampton films were shown with an introduction at the Cleveland Cinematheque. James Lee Byars' agreed to the creation of two one minute 16mm films using single frames rephotographed of the original images that the artist cut up into individual 16mm frames. They were embedded in black leader, making "Autobiography" and "100 Minds" flash-frames and demonstrating the persistence of vision. At the invitation of John Chamberlain, logged all of his 16mm films on Shelter Island, and finalized the optimal 16mm prints and sound reels for a master tape and DVD of "The Secret Life of Hernando Cortez" starring Tayor Mead and Ultra Violet. Documentary filming events, aktions and interviews with Colin De Lande, Alison Knowles, Mike Bidlo, Carolee Schneemann, William Stone, Isabel Colin DuFreysne aka Ultra Violet and others...

LIT. FIG. the literal + the figurative

VIDEO ART Series featuring diverse individuals enacting phrases commonly used as 'literal' when in fact they are metaphorical and engage physical things...


"An Evening with Quentin Crisp" was filmed and made into a commercial DVD. "Three Films by Jonas Mekas" was processed from fresh 16mm prints and features "In Between" "WHEN" and "Bed In."


Portrait of the Artist As

CHANGEchance Cinema



Alphabet Equivalent Series

Twentysix paired wedge forms to devise an alphabet for geometric abstract painting of ideas_ roots of words and include MU and MA as subjects

trigrams + hexagrams

In the early 80s the TRIGRAM painting were followed by a series of HEXAGRAM paintings on varying supports and in diverse configurations

EXPERIENCE Series - Serigraphic

Found commercial reproductions on canvas support several series of silkscreen paintings in a range of configurations



DRAWING - work on paper - altered - captioned...

L. BRANDON KRALL - Writ 2 Wit 2008 -2017

CHANGEchance_ The Duchamp Paradigm + PERPETUUMmobile_ Enchanted Domain

CHANGEchance_ The Duchamp Paradigm  a site sketch built in Flash...


ACETICaesthetic_ The Beauty of Indifference

Da Vinci Duchamp, même

The Euphorismes of Marcel Duchamp

Girouette_ The Lost and Found Readymade

Sympathy for Lydie

The Sign Painter's Hand

A Hare Among the Sages

Future Essays_ "Arrose Desnos_ Illuninatistic Scribism," "Francis Picabia_ Rastaquouiere," "Telegraphic Style_ Flying Hart and Lazy Brain," "Walter Benjamin_ The Aura and the Gaze."

By and About Marcel Duchamp



Rita McBride and Douglas Gordon in Chelsea 2017-18
D.I.A.Chelsea and Gagosian 21st Street, Manhattan

Joseph Nechvatal Exhibition, 2017
Galerie Richard, Lower East Side, Manhattan

Nothing and Everything: Seven Artists, 1947–1962
Hauser & Wirth 69th St., Curated by Douglas Dreishpoon

Luxenbourg & Dayan, 2016

Panorama Mania at the Hudson River Museum
Yonkers Rising Weekly, K.S. Rosa (Krall Sub Rosa)

Paul McCarthy’s Phallic Bronzes
published on, Original text here

Dimensions of Blackness: Alberto Burri’s “Cellotex Nero”

Christie’s Evening Sale Catalog, November 2007
Catalog pages for Diebenkorn, Francis, Krasner Stella, Warhol

Portrait of Marcel Duchamp, National Portrait Gallery, 2009
NY Magazine in print/online and Original

Black Style Now, NY Magazine in print/online

Immanent Domains: Relational Strategies + Grey Matter NY Magazine in print/online

Coup de Poete
D.J. Spooky, Melvin Van Peebles and Corey Baker, 2011

Martin’s Creed and The Condition of Music and NY Magazine in print/online

Reykjavík Arts Festival, Art Fairs International Magazine, 2008

Calder’s Paris Years, Whitney Museum, 2009
NY Arts and NY Magazine in print/online

Georgia O’Keefe Abstraction, Whitney Museum, 2009
NY Magazine in print/online and Original Text

On the V E R G E_ F A S H I O N I S M: A Collapsible Model

MAN RAY: Unconcerned but Not Indifferent, Jewish Museum Retrospective, 2009
NY Magazine in print/online and Original Text

Celebrate John Cage NY Magazine in print/online

Shocking and Daring: Schiaparelli Lives! NY Magazine in print/online


L. Brandon Krall // Overlook Studio
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